Ghost Hlubi’s Ex Breaks Down In Tears Over News He’s Back With Seemah – Watch

TikTok content creator Ghost Hlubi has moved on – again. But it appears like an ex-girlfriend of his is yet to move on, which has led to a little drama on social media.

Ghost Hlubi was known to be in a relationship with another content creator named Seemah. The two were the talk of the town for as long as we could remember. But then, all of a sudden, they had a falling apart and exposed each other all over social media.

A key highlight of it all was Seemah claiming that the Mercedes Benz he bought her was all for show – to get views and nothing more. She didn’t have the car. Anyway, both seemingly moved on with their lives and Ghost Hlubi probably got into another relationship.

End of story? Not quite. After several months, about a day ago, Ghost Hlubi and Seemah released a joint post on Instagram, indicating they are back together. In to of the slides they shared, they could be seen sharing a kiss and in each other’s arms. They looked happy.

But someone was gutted by the news of them getting back together again – a lady who claims to be his girlfriend but has, as a result, been demoted to an ex. She’s weeping all over the place, and Mzansi has a lot to say about her tears.

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