Giggles As Zuma Joins The Microphone Challenge While Addressing MK Party Faithfuls

In a move that saw some South Africans splitting with laughter and others speaking of boyish charm, former President Jacob Zuma joined the TikTok Microphone challenge following his party’s impressive showing against the ruling African National Congress in the May 29 elections.

Although recently founded, the MK party did impressively during the elections, becoming the third biggest party in South Africa, with Zuma as leader of the party.

In the Microphone challenge, people use the mic in public places, sometimes inconveniencing others with the news of the instrument.

Well, in the clip making the rounds online – shared by MK party faithful – the former president could be seen as he hopped into the mic challenge while thanking his fans for their support in the election.

The Bluetooth mic, flashlight and all provoked laughter from a section of zZansi social media, with some pointing out that he was indirectly trolling the ANC, which was effectively humiliated at the polls, losing much of the seats it used to hold in parliament.

Some joked that the former president still has the charms of a young man out to have a good time. Here. it might be said that they have a point, perhaps.

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