Gigi Lamayne Addresses DJ Speedsta’s Claims She Was Kissing Blxckie

“Job Woods” rapper has addressed speculations about her relationship with Blxckie after the two of them were caught hugging.

had apparently found the two of them hugging for “way too long” than was normal, and he spoke about this in a recent appearance of After Chillers with Jawz.   said he was pretty sure Blxckie and Gigi were kissing when he saw them; he also stated he might be wrong.

Responding to claim of she was kissing Blxckie, had laughed and clarified that she wasn’t kissing him. Also, there’s nothing going on between them. How true are her words?  Time will tell, of course.

By the way, recently released an album titled “Mermaid and Stuff,” which has several heavyweights in South African music as guests. She’s not averse to flirting in public and had once fire her shot at fellow rapper Flvme, who made it clear he’s not nice under the sheets.

Well, do you think there’s really something cooking between Gigi Lamayne and Blxckie who recently collaborated on “Feelin U” alongside Mi Casa? You’re welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.