Gigi Lamayne Announces the Release Date For New Album!

Gigi Lamayne announces the release date for her forthcoming album.

Gigi Lamayne is in mode. The talented female emcee practically changed her name on to prove this. She’s also been doing a lot of sharing on social media. Like every other rapper in the game, she’s telling it how it is. Or how she thinks it is.

She shared on Twitter that she “can actually better than some gents”. If you want her to prove this, give her a genre, and watch her slap on it. Those are her exact words. According to her, she’s “a muso, not just a mreppa”.

Gigi also believes she’s got an edge in because she’s can vibe to any genre and can also in different languages. She has also revealed that her is almost done. She shared the release date for the album to be in “July”. That’s something to look forward to.

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