Gigi Lamayne Details Her Struggles With Bullying & Suicidal Thoughts

“Job Woods” rapper has opened up about being suicidal as a result of constant bullying.

Bullying is a serious problem, not just in South but elsewhere. And many have been driven to suicide as a result of it.

In Gigi Lamayne’s case, the bullying has happened several times. Just recently, DJ Inno Morolong had accused her of trying to snatch her man. She had also dismissed as ugly and her rap career as struggling.

Incensed by it all, Gigi Lamayne had sued Inno Morolong for R1 million. Along the line, though, Inno had shown contrition and Gigi Lamayne had withdrawn her suit. And all appear chummy again.

In recent tweets, media personality Khawula had documented Gigi Lamayne’s struggles with bullying. In one of the videos he shared, Gigi Lamayne could be seen saying she had been called ugly since she was born.

She also noted that she has always been bullied. While not trying to play the victim, she noted that she’s always been bullied but she has never bullied anyone in her life. You can check out the posts below.

In related news, Inno Morolong, who recently bullied Gigi Lamayne, is firing similar shots at Tebogo Thobejane.

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