Gigi Lamayne Details How A Traditional Healer Changed Her Life

Gigi Lamayne talks about how a traditional healer changed her life

Gigi Lamayne details how consulting a traditional healer changed her life.

Mzansi rapper, Gigi Lamayne has come a long way to be the person that she is now. There is no question that she has become more confident and is taking her life to a better place and doing amazing well for herself.

The “Stoners Prayer” rapper recently revealed that she has a traditional healer to thank for it. According to her, everything changed the moment she consulted her, because she helped her have a deeper connection to her ancestors and God. She further praised teh healer for helping her find herself.

Gigi has been through so much since we’ve known her. The talented rapper has battled depression, attempted suicide, been through the worst in the music business, and somehow, has managed to bounce back. Now, she’s got an out, more new music in the airwaves and seems to still be on her way to do more.

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