Gigi Lamayne Discusses How Kwesta Inspired Her In New Video — Watch

South African rapper Kwesta recently gave insights into his hip hop journey and what he had been able to learn from it. It turned out the “Ngud” chanter has inspired many of his compatriots, including fellow rapper Gigi Lamayne.

She shared her thoughts about Kwesta and how he inspired her during a sit-down with DJ Fresh. According to her, she is inspired by the songster’s musical journey, which she also gave insights about.

She recalled that Kwesta tried many things in his musical career before eventually releasing “Ngud,” which turned out to be a smash hit across South Africa.

Asked about her career, she indicates she is happy where she is. She had to pay the price to be where she currently is, but that is welcome. She also expressed the desire to be freer with herself — you know, laugh some more, shake her booty and just be happy for who she is.

She should know, perhaps. After all, it was never an easy life. From facing abuse as a kid, to being bullied in the music industry, she has indeed seen a lot. But she still has her he’d up, doing what makes her happy. Seems like the way to go.

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