Gigi Lamayne Is Not Leaving SA Hip Hop

Female Mzansi emcee, Gigi Lamayne is not leaving SA Hip Hop contrary to what she said before.

The popular Mzansi emcee has been very much talked about this year. If she isn’t bagging deals, she’s buying herself a new whip, dropping an album, or saying something that everyone wants to talk about.

While in an interview with Kaya FM, Gigi opened up about her plans to turn her back on the SA Hip Hop scene, and its conventional way of doing things. She also spoke about exploring other genres despite SA Hip Hop’s way of staying rigid. She recently shared more info on her plan.


Gigi revealed that fans had been asking if she is truly leaving the genre. She announced she isn’t leaving, but will be collaborating with artists across other genres. Fans commented expressing their excitement that she isn’t leaving the genre. Her album “Mermaids & Stuff” is still very much talked about.

Gigi Lamayne Is Not Leaving Sa Hip Hop 2

“Everybody seems to be asking me; is Gigi leaving the SA hip-hop? No! But will I be collaborating with artists outside of hip-hop?”

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