Gigi Lamayne Opens Beauty & Wellness Lounge

One must not live on rap alone but by every other good business that brings in the money. This is the reality we see manifest in the lives of many artists these days. One of them, you may want to know, is Gigi Lamayne.

The songstress has just launched her exclusive IV therapy lounge and she couldn’t be more excited about the accomplishment. The business itself is nothing random. It was something she has always wanted to but but has only just accomplished it.

According to her, she loves IV. So the love of that was one of the key factors that motivated her into the business. Speaking further about IV, she pointed out that as someone who is constantly on the move, she can easily find herself with an energy deficiency. This is where IV comes in.

It makes getting the nutrients she could otherwise not get from food easier. But this is not just for herself. She is targeting a segment of the population with similar needs like her, hoping to fulfill their needs with the business she just opened.

In the new business adventure, she has got the support of her fans across South Africa, which is actually a good thing.

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