Gigi Lamayne Responds To Rouge’s Invite For A Collaboration

Gigi Lamayne tweets response to Rouge's invite for a colla

Gigi Lamayne tweets a sweet response to Rouge’s invite for a collaboration.

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Guys, there might be a collab coming between two of SA’s hottest female emcees; Gigi Lamayne and Rouge. We are guessing that soon, Gigi’s most recent collaboration with Bri Biase would not be the only hot single we would be celebrating in the country.

Well, here’s what went down. Miss Pru DJ had tweeted that the collaboration she’d want to see is one between Lamayne and Rouge. It was followed by a reaction by the “1BY1” rapper who revealed that they have nothing but time to do it now.

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Of course, Gigi’s response was all we needed to know it was a “go”. She agreed to the collaboration, revealing they have been trying and asking that they follow through with it. Did we mention that Miss Pru said she’d provide the beat for the collab? Well, she did. This is one collaboration we’d love to see happen.


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