Gigi LaMayne Shows Her Mystery Man In New Instagram Video

Love And Hip Hop SA star Gigi Lamayne shows off her mystery man in a new Instagram video.

Gigi Lamayne has been in the news a lot lately because everyone thought she was dating someone famous. She shared in a recent interview that they have always been friends and that she spoke about it with his wife.

Well, social media detectives backed off when she said that. Gigi also revealed she is madly in love with someone else who she did not mention. The rap star has kept the identity of her man secret for a while now.

She got tongues wagging again when she posted a recent Instagram video. In the video, she holds her man close while caressing his head affectionately. The man’s face is hidden from the camera, which made everyone want to know who he is even more than ever. When a fan said it would end in tears, she hinted that they’ve known each other for 11 years.


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