Gigi Lamayne Slams Inno Morolong With An R1 Million Suit

has sued for a cool sum of R1 million. Inno had earlier accused the “Job Woods” rapper, in posts to Instagram, of trying to steal her man. She had also dismissed Gigi as ugly and a struggling rapper.

had not taken the accusations lightly. She had briefed her attorneys, who had written Inno Morolong, bidding her to retract her social media posts or be ready to pay R1 million in damages.

And in case the DJ might not have the sum, had offered that she should at least spend some time in the slammer for having libelled her with her posts. She also demanded a formal apology from Inno for having harmed her reputation.

shared a copy of the suit on her Instagram page. At the time of writing, however, she had taken down the post. Inno herself had deactivated her Instagram account.

It cannot be determined if Inno had reached out to her privately to attempt to resolve their rift. But with Gigi taking down her suit post, it is likely the issue is being resolved away from the public domain.

It remains to be seen if will get all she demands. Stay tuned.

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