Gigi Lamayne Snubs Sjava’s Advice, Reveal Big Moves

Gigi Lamayne reveals big moves ignoring Sjava's advice

Gigi Lamayne reveals big international moves, ignoring Sjava’s advice.

Most of the time, there is so much bad blood in the music industry and other times, there are hidden good intentions. It is hard to understand which is which from all the vague tweets that we see from these celebs.

Gigi Lamayne is making big moves already this year and she’s definitely not in the mood to keep it to herself. Apparently, the rapper has been in the US for a while now and has been in talks to collaborate with Jay Z’s Roc Nation label.

The singer took to Twitter to reveal the big news to her fans. There’s also info about a new music collaboration with American rapper, Bri. After she shared the news, Sjava tweeting saying she’s revealing her good fortune too soon but she would have none of that and continues to share hints on her moves.

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