Gigi Lamayne To Join The Panel Of SABC’s Rap Battle “One Mic”

Gigi Lamayne joins the judges panel of SABC's rap battle "One Mic"

Gigi Lamayne joins the panel of SABC’S Rap Battle “One Mic” as a guest judge.

Gigi Lamayne is winning big. The talented Mzansi rapper is killing it this year. She has been raking in a lot of successes and making big moves in her career. She once revealed she has a certain spiritual guide to thank for that.

The Mzansi rapper was recently announced as a guest judge on the upcoming episode of SABC’s rap battle One Mic. Gigi is one of Mzansi’s dopest female rappers and her reputation precedes her. She previously dropped the joint “Stoners’ Prayer” which was a whole vibe.

Fans have seen her up her game since the lockdown began, and it’s been quite impressive. Last weekend, she dropped a freestyle remix of “Savage” and literally everyone loved it. We can’t wait to catch her on the show. It is definitely going to be an episode to remember.

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