Gigi Lamayne Under Fire For Tweet About #ParktownBoysHigh

Singer, Gigi Lamayne has come under fire for asking for the same energy used to support the KFC wedding to be used to raise money for the Parktown Boys High victim.

What she’s talking about is the KFC wedding that happened last year where almost all popular brands and businesses in South supported a couple who wanted to get married because they had been insulted by someone where their proposal happened.

After the insult, KFC had reached out to them via Twitter, pledging support for the wedding, and opening a floodgate of support for the couple.

Gigi Lamayne is calling for that same energy to be used to raise funds for a lawyer for the late 13-year old Enoch Mpianzi who died during an orientation camp at Nyati Bush.

Her tweet read:

Can we please use the same energy to raise funds and awareness for a good lawyer for Enochs family the same way we were outchea for the wedding and stuff because wow. #ParktownBoysHigh

Some fans weren’t having that though and tried to set her straight, saying that no one raised money for the KFC wedding and that people offered to help of their own volition.

Another person also pointed out that it is celebrities like her that should be supporting the fundraising and not trying to deflect it.

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