Gigi Lamayne Wants To help People Connect With Spirituality

Gigi Lamayne becomes a Fortune Teller amid COVID-19 pandemic

Gigi Lamayne becomes a fortune teller amid COVID-19 pandemic.

You’d be a liar if you said this came as a shock to you. Everyone knows that Mzansi rapper, Gigi Lamayne has been in touch with her spiritual side for a while now. The “Joustad” hit maker has been supporting being in touch with your ancestors and everything spiritual since she testified about it changing her life.

The talented female emcee revealed that many people have been asking her about her psychic friend Cindy Kruger for a while now. She also announced a coming fortune telling session with her scheduled to happen on her IGTV this Sunday, 7th June.

She once revealed she consulted with Cindy a while ago, and the episode was aired on Fox Life and SABC 3. Cindy is also the host of a show called Spirit which airs on Fox Life and SABC 3. Gigi urged interested fans to send their details to her Twitter account.

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