Gigi Lamayne Will Never Date Anyone In The Music Industry

SA Hip Hop star Gigi Lamayne explains why she will never date anyone in the music industry.

Gigi Lamayne appeared on Mgosi TV and spoke about her love life and the kind of men she isn’t attracted to. She also clarified rumours about her dating someone in the industry. The interviewer said,

“We’ve heard that you mght be seeing someone in the industry,” and Lamayne replied, “Yes, I heard that too. Firstly, I do not, and I will never, and im putting it on record. I do not do industry boys who are in front of the camera.”

She spoke further, saying, “It’s just weird as a woman in the industry when you take two or three pictures with the same man, people start to allude to something else.” Gigi continued, “With the person in question, he and myself and his wife, all of us spoke about it. Dont be fooled; some things are smear campaigns coming from people.”

She insisted that she doesn’t date men in the industry, “On record, no, I’m not seeing anyone in the industry who’s in front of the camera. I will not do that. That is not the type of man I like; I’m a flower that likes to be watered, so I can’t be in a relationship with another flower,”

When asked if she’s seeing anyone, she said she’s madly in love.

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