Ginger Trill Confronts Woolworths For Allegedly Deciding To Never Play SA Music

Ginger Trill Confronts Woolworths' Alleged Decision To Never Play SA Music Again

calls out Woolworths for allegedly deciding to never play SA music again.

A lot of artistes make money from different sources but the royalties they get from airplay is one of their most standard income sources. Music airplay is also one of many ways artistes get to have their music heard by many people.

Recent news allege that Woolworths will soon stop playing SA music, a decision which does not sit well with various SA artistes. Apparently, they are opting for copyright-free music. Taking to twitter, put them on blast saying that a significant part of an artiste’s income comes from the royal cheques they receive. He wrote,

“As an artist , I can tell you now a lot of us need our royalty cheques to keep going in this business , it’s such a significant part of our income , it keeps the lights on in some instances and this whole thing with Woolies is gonna be devestating,”
“I need ya’ll to understand what this means for real … once Woolies stops playing our music and opts for copyright free music ( and i repeat they’re not breaking any law ) there’ll be a significant cut down on the royalty money distributed to artists by SAMPRA.”

Chipping in, Toya Delayze spoke out in defence of the independent artistes in SA who she believes this would affect and lead to accepting signings from labels which she calls a bad idea.

She said,

“This will hit independent artists the hardest & force artists to seek to be signed which in SA is slavery all over again having been there. I hope they rethink -they don’t need to be cutting costs with all they money they make from us,

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