Girl Goes Viral Singing ‘Last Last’ At Burna Boy’s Concert

A young girl went viral after her mother posted a video of her crying while singing along to “Last Last” at Burna Boy’s recent concert.

One thing Burna Boy does when he hits a stage is put on a show. The Nigerian Afrobeats star took to the stage at Wembley and performed to 80,000 fans, becoming the first Nigerian artist to sell out the stadium.

Everyone in the audience was excited to see the Nigerian star but not as much as a young girl who almost went to heaven and back. Her mother posted a video of the girl singing along to Burna’s hit song “Last Last” while crying.

She looked so overwhelmed by emotion as she sang along to the massive hit. The video went viral on TikTok and has gotten many reactions from Burna Boy fans. We wonder if the singer has seen it. We also wonder what she’d do if she met him.

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