Girls Aloud: Taylor Swift Supports Beyonce At London Film Premiere

Some people would tell you that it is rare to see girls support each other. While this might be true, there is no denying the beauty when this actually happens – the ignition of sisterhood. This much manifested recently with singer Taylor Swift showing up for compatriot Beyone’s London film premiere.

“Renaissance” is the title of Beyonce’s latest album, as well as the film she made following the release of the project. It was at the premiere of the same film that Taylor Swift showed up to support her. She looked glamorous in a gown, her tresses left to the arms of the wind.

Her appearance at the London film premiere was symbolic not just for her but for Beyonce as well. For one, both ladies have released films, and both showed up for each other’s film premiere, as you can see in the post below.

If nothing else, at least one can see that the Amazons are coming. The women are showing up and dominating in a field hitherto dominated by men. Taylor Swift showing up for the London premiere of “Renaissance” is also a token of he friendship with the former Destiny’s Child singer. Give it to the girls, mate.

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