Gogo Mamaweni Expecting Twins Via IVF

Celebrity sangoma Gogo Maweni has announced that she is expecting twins through IVF. The news of the pregnancy came as a surprise and a shock to many of her fans who were not expecting anything like that.

The sangoma herself had not initially wanted to announce the pregnancy. By her own account, she wanted to keep mum about it until people began to see her baby bump and put two and two together. But here she is, letting the cat out of the bag.

But why would she often for IVF? The local healer didn’t waste time answering that she opted for IVF because she could afford such luxuries. She made this known as well as discussed other subjects during a recent appearance on DJ Sbu’s Hustler’s Corner podcast.

While the statement of her pregnancy was greeted with excitement, especially among her fans, Gogo Maweni’s claims about her mystical powers and her ability to hurt her enemies and critics through the same, were greeted with asceticism and even outright mockery, with tweeps saying she can do nothing.

Anyway, congratulations are in order for Gogo, who is about to become one of the newest mothers in town. Stay tuned for updates.

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