Gogo Maweni Reacts To SK Khoza’s Leaked Sex Tape

Gogo Maweni has found herself on Mzansi’s trending list again. The last time she popped on that list was when her ex, actor SK Khoza, was videoed acting irrationally. At the time, she was said to have bewitched him through her powers as a sangoma.

This time, too, her trending had to do with her former partner. SK Khoza had trended on Mzansi Twitter after a clip of him eating a lover’s coochie went viral.

He did the job so well that some social media users were impressed. One commented that she now understands why Gogo Maweni was mad when the actor left her. That is, she would no longer experience the dexterity of his tongue going down…

Gogo Maweni had fired back at the lady and everyone else with similar sentiments, bidding them fxxk off and wondering why they should include her in that shi.

During an appearance on Podcast and Chill With MacG, she had even said that she could share the actor’s phone number so any woman could link up with him. She only warned potential partners that they should not have kids for him as he never takes care of his children.


His alleged lack of care for the child he had with Gogo Maweni was reportedly the reason she “bewitched” him.

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