Gogo Maweni Reveals Hunger To Exit The Material Plane To Become An Ancestor & Deal With Trolls

Gogo Maweni is one woman South Africans never get tired of talking about, perhaps because she is always in their faces, sharting intriguing aspects of her life on Instagram, as well as firing the occasional warning to trolls who step out of line: she can use muthi on them and ruin their lives.

Well, the controversial reality show star and spiritualist is at it again. She recently shared a clip in which she noted that she couldn’t wait to be an ancestor so she can deal with those making negative comments about her. For those not conversant with African spiritualism, she meant that she couldn’t wait to die so that could join the dead, who supposedly wield some power on the material plane, from the spiritual or ethereal plane.\

The video of her speaking about her hunger to become an ancestor divided South Africans, some of whom revisited their statements that she is evil and uses her powers to cause harm to others. Some insisted that when she is dead, she is dead, and entirely powerless to do anything to anyone.

Well, it would be interesting to see when death will intrude seems it appears like the sangoma (spiritual healer) is seriously courting an exit from the material plane.

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