Gogo Maweni Roasted After Bragging About Overseas Trip

The trolls are at it again, and not even Gogo Maweni’s threat to unleash witchcraft on her critics could deter them as she shared pictures of her trip abroad, rocking designers.

In a post on her official Twitter account. She had shared snaps of her South African passport. Louis Vuitton purse, Gucci travelling bag and loafers of the same brand. “All packed n ready we catching flights,” read her caption.

Her post elicited mixed reactions from South Africans. Some happily wished her a safe trip to her destination, to which she returned the goodwill. Some were unimpressed and made that known in their comments as well – and she returned the same energy.

One Twitter user wondered why the sangoma (as local healers are called in South Africa) didn’t use a broom. He implied in that post that Gogo Maweni is a witch and should have flown abroad using her broom. Lol. Gogo Maweni returned the fire, mocking the tweeter and letting him know that she is travelling by air because she has the money, whereas her critic doesn’t. You can check out the tweet below.

Gogo Maweni is one of the popular sangomas in South Africa – almost always in the news

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