Gogo Maweni Roasted Online After Tweeting Her Products And Their Efficacy

Controversial sangoma Gogo Maweni experienced the sarky side of her fellow South Africans recently when they dismissed her mystical powers as fake and even challenged her to use them to stop load shedding, one of the biggest problems affecting South Africa at the moment/

Her most recent troubles began after she made a tweet in which she advertised her products on Twitter. She shared two images, the first showing a product which she claimed would ensure a woman keeps her man and make him her puppet.

The second picture, she claimed, would ensure a man would never have an erection when he is with someone other than his lady. He would never be able to have sex with anyone else but his partner/ wife or girlfriend (the person who uses muthi on him).

Her advert did not impress some South Africans, some of whom used it as an opportunity to accuse her of witchcraft while also pointing out that her witchcraft is useless. You can check out her post below.

To drive home their point about the inefficacy of her products, some challenged her to use them to stop the load shedding crisis currently enveloping South Africa.

Gogo Maweni, easily one of the most controversial sangomas in Mzansi, has no words for her critics yet.

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