Gogo Maweni Shows Love To Her Husband Sabelo Mgube

Famous sangoma Gogo Maweni shows love and appreciation to her beloved husband Sabelo Mgube on social media.

Gogo Maweni is so in love and she wants everyone in Mzansi to know it. The star previously took to social media and announced that she and her husband Sabelo Mgube were expecting their first child together. We hear the couple is having twins.

She also returned with a gratitude post, showing love to her man. Maweni also gave thanks to her ancestors for blessing her with a man who respects and understands her spiritual calling. She wrote,

“Appreciation post, my ancestors definitely heard me when I asked for a man that would respect and understand my calling…for that I am grateful @velabahleke_the_king.”

Her fans were touched by the post, so they took to the comments and wished her well.

_aloraboutique gushed over the couple, “I love how you guys hold each other down, may God and Ancestors always shield your union, izitha nezimfamona zingangeni.”

mom_dee_tee wrote, “Thokoza gogo, I am also happy for you. I love what I see.”

tino_vee4 reacted to the post, “You are such a hard working woman friend.”

1pretty_president commented on the post, “It’s every woman’s dream we thank God for our brother.”

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