Gogo Maweni Teases New Podcast ‘The Which Craft’ About Witchcraft

Famous Sangoma Gogo Maweni has teased her forthcoming podcast “The Which Craft,” where she will talk about the various aspects of witchcraft, educate fans, expose secrets, and offer solutions.

Gogo Maweni is one of the most famous Sangomas in the country. While her personal life has been making headlines, the star has opened up about what she does and is bringing her fans into more of it.

She announced her forthcoming podcast, “The Which Craft,” in which she will discuss about the various aspects of witchcraft, expose secrets, and offer help. She will also talk about how doctors work with sangomas to sell human fat and how people who dash money out in the streets are actually performing rituals, etc.

Speaking to about the podcast, she said,

“People want to know more about witchcraft, people are going through a lot in their families. There are generational curses.

“It exposes the club ballers sleeping with these girls. It exposes a lot of people who go around dashing money. You can’t work hard and then go around giving people R1000 nje. It’s part of a ritual. It’s there to shed light and encourage people to stand up and seek spiritual help.”

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