Gogo Skhotheni’s Bombshell Separation From Husband Monde Shange

Relationships are beautiful until they aren’t. Ask those who have been in a relationship, and they will have no trouble spilling this verdict to you. Maybe South African disc jockey and sangoma Gogo Skhotheni might tell you the same.

After all, she was in a beautiful relationship until just recently, when news broke that she and her man had started. There isn’t enough muthi in this world to hold onto a man who is determined to bail out. Lol.

Surely, you haven’t missed the joke. Or have you? The point is a sangoma, of which Gogo Skhotheni is one, supposedly has a lot of spiritual powers that can make her do almost anything, including invoking rain and healing power.

Only, that power is clearly not enough to keep a husband – as evident in Gogo Skhotheni’s case. Not only has the sangoma separated from her husband, but she has confirmed that indeed she and her man have separated.

But what could have caused her and Monde Shange to part ways? he didn’t spill all the details but merely stated in her Instagram Story that she and Snage separated six months ago.

In that period, they had been seen together, but she explained that it was because of their children and businesses.

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