Gold Rush: White Water Star Dakota Fred Hurt Dead At 80

Life is sweet, especially when you have a lot going for you, and it is the dream of most to life forever. But life never makes the concession for anyone. Where there is life, there will one day be death – a morbid reality. Well, Dakota Fred Hurt has died. He was 80.

Taking to Facebook soon after his death, his family shared a coinfirmation of the tragic news in a statement. The family paid tribute to the miner’s courage as he battled cancer until he eventually lost the battle.

The actor of the celebrated “Gold Rush” series died on July 11 from brain cancer which he had battled for a while. At 80, he had seen much of life and would possibly have seen more of it but for the intrusion of cancer that saw a brilliant life but in mid passage.

Since the news of his death broke, colleagues and fans alike have been sharing their thoughts about his life, his contribution to the film universe, and what his death means to the industry.

In a tribute shared on Gold Rush’s official Instagram page, the show noted that it is deeply saddened by the bewss of the actor’s death, noting that while he lived, Hurt had a contagious zest for life.

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