‘Gomora’ Star Connie Chiume Shows Off Her Dance Moves

Famous Mzansi actress Connie Chiume shows off her moves as she dances barefooted to “Bopha.” Mzansi was stunned to see the 70-year-old out dancing everyone on the dancefloor.

Truly, age is nothing but a number. Connie Chiume is the latest person to prove this. The famous actress has had a successful career, but she’s still as energetic as ever. Maybe even more than before.

The “Black Panther” star recently hit the dancefloor and shredded it to bits. A recently shared TikTok video by @TopDawgCoo showed the “Gomora” star busting moves with so much energy that she made everyone else dancing around her invisible. Our only reaction to the video was, “wow.”

Fans have taken to the comments section to show her love. Some addressed her by her character Mam’Sonto as they noted that she was aging gracefully. A fan said that Connie had good moves, and it embarrassed her that she couldn’t even match them.

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