#GomoraMzansi: Viewers Unimpressed With Phumlani’s Death — Plus Spoilers for Season 3

The latest episode of the telenovela Gomora has viewers unimpressed and shaking their heads. They thought the scriptwriters should not have killed Phumlani, for now it’s impossible to establish that he was terrorising the community. 

Phumlani’s wife Thati had found out that he was the reason their daughter Buhle ran away from home, besides having attempted to kill her lover Melusi. In her anger, she had pulled a gun on him and shot him dead. 

His death angered some viewers, who thought he should have been exposed for his atrocities. 

Well, there’s much more for Gomora viewers going forward. The Teasers for season three have also given some spoilers, including Thati becoming a violent figure like her mother before her. 

Thati, who initially wasn’t favourably disposed to her husband’s criminality, would herself venture into the same path after her family sides with Phumlani at his death. 

Gomora is DStv’s most-watched series. So it isn’t surprising that it should be renewed for season 3. Season 2 has only just ended after 260 episodes.

Expectations are high over the third episode. But will it detain viewers’ attention as much as previous episodes had? The coming days will reveal a lot. So stay tuned if you please.

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