“Gone But Not Forgotten” – Mr Jazziq Reflects On Tattoo Memorializing The Late Mpura

Gone but not forgotten. That is one Phrase that many people often use to describe those who have somehow made an impact in their lives and in the society at large, and it is also a token of remembrance.

One person who had that phrase tucked somewhere in his is the South African disc jockey and producer Mr Jazziq. He was pretty close to another South African musician named Mpura and decided to immortalize him with a tattoo.

Just recently, Mr Jazziq, one of the members of the now-defunct two-man band JazziDisciples, shared a clip of him showing off his tattoo of Mpura and noted that it is not just a memorial to his late friend but an affirmation that although the songster is dead, he has not been forgotten.

Mpura died alongside five others while heading to a gig years ago. The news of his death reverberated across South Africa’s universe, with many sharing their nest moments with him and others, like Lady Du, making tattoos as tokens of memorialisation.

With his latest clip, Mr Jazziq has invariably brought to the consciousness of South Africans once again the memory of one of the Rainbow Nation’s fine voices.

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