Good Wishes Pour In For King Monada At 40

King Monada has just turned 40 and it’s a celebration everywhere for him and his fans.

In a post to his Instagram page, the songster had dropped a prayer for himself – more of all the good things of life, including a long life – while also wishing God bless him, always.

Last we checked, the post had been liked over 7k times, with hundreds of fans wishing him more blessings as he continues to create music for the world.

There were those who wondered if he is indeed 40 years, recalling a time (the era of the “fainting dance”) when DJ Shimza had called him a kid. Shimza isn’t 40 yet.

Anyway, the “King” of bolobedu house is having a wonderful time celebrating his new age, and he’s more than happy for what he has been able to accomplish.

King Monada has been in the music industry for several years and released several hits. But his most famous to date is “Malwedhe” – or the “fainting dance song” – which inspired the idibala challenge.

Not long ago, he had hit the studio with Makhadzi and Prince Benza. Their collaborative “Ghanama” song started trending before it was released, leading to a scuffle over ownership of the song.

Well, happy birthday, King!

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