Goonew’s Family Speaks After Controversial Home-Going at Bliss Nightclub

Maryland rapper Goonew’s home-going wasn’t what many were expecting, so it was inevitable that it would spark controversy.

The rapper was shot and killed last month. He was buried yesterday, April 4. The celebration of his life, though, had many wondering what exactly his family planned to pass across to the world.

At Bliss Nightclub, Goonew’s body was propped for hours on stage while his family danced around.

The clip of that moment had gone viral, leading many around the world to question the propriety of the family’s action.

Reacting to the furore over their style of home-going, the family was unapologetic. It noted that it did what it wanted to, the way it wanted to. That’s their way of honouring his life.

Amid the negativity surrounding how she decided to send her son home, Goonew’s mother noted that people were just saying what they felt like, ignorant of her and her family’s values. She asked to be left alone to mourn in peace.

While the family appeared not to care about the furore over their style of home-going, Bliss Nightclub had issued a statement apologising for what took place. It had noted that Bliss was contracted by a funeral home, but it had no clue what would transpire.

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