Gospel Artist Thinah Zungu Survives Car Accident

For gospel musician Thinah Zungu, it is happy survival. After all, not everyone involved in a car accident survives to tell the tale. Zungu is a survivor.

According to multiple reports, he was returning from the O.O. Tambo International Airport when the accident happened. He had just returned to South Africa after a performance in the United Kingdom. He couldn’t be more grateful to have survived the accident.

Taking to Facebook soon after, he had shared pictures from the scene, as well as expressed gratitude for having survived what could have taken his life.

Since the news of his surviving the accident broke, fans have been congratulating him on his survival, with some praying he would not have a similar experience in the future.

Zungu, who is often described as having an angelic voice, is known for several songs, including “Ekugcineni.” His accident happened months after another musician, Mr Music, survived something similar.

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