Gospel Musician Hlengiwe Mhlaba Addresses Body Shaming & Cyberbullying

body shaming and cyberbullying are among the problems that are plaguing the world today. Many people, celebrities and ordinary folks alike, face the same problem each day. While some are able to handle it, some are clueless and even resort to taking their own lives.

Own celeb who has been hit with the axe of cyberbullying and body shaming is the singer Hlengiwe Mhlaba. She had faced body shaming and cyberbullying several times in the past, and while she had kept quiet back then, she is speaking out this time.

It felt terrible to be so disrespected and humiliated because of the way she looked. On April 9, she had turned up in a Maxhosa outfit for a performance with the gospel band Joyous Celebration at the Durban ICC, but she was mocked for her weight and appearance.

It hurt, of course, and made her address the issue head-on. According to her, she is a human like everyone else and those hurtful words actually affect her. She didn’t create herself and people should learn to appreciate the way God created her. Besides, her wearing the Maxhosa outfit was her own way of supporting local entrepreneurs.

Hopefully, the body shaming ends soon.

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