Gospel Singer Winnie Mashaba Celebrates Giving Birth After Years Of Trying Unsuccessfully

For some women, it is easy to conceive and give birth; for others, it is a long and fierce battle which they might not even win ultimately. South African gospel singer Winnie Mashaba is one of those who struggled pretty hard to conceive.

The good news is that she has not only conceived, but she has also given birth as well. Now, who in her position wouldn’t be excited? After so many battles, the smell of victory is extremely powerful, and that is her experience right now.

Such is the miracle of the birth that she is in complete disbelief. In a recent post on her Instagram page, the gospel artist had spoiled the difficulties she faced trying to conceive and give birth and the ultimate miracle of being a mother.

She noted that she faced unbearable hardship trying to give birth, but now that the baby is here, she is overwhelmed with joy. The birth of her daughter (named Relebogile Mashaba) reaffirmed her faith in God. And, in her own words, everything else bothering her simply disappeared following her daughter.

The comment section of her post was thronged with fans wishing her the best with her child and noting that God’s time is always the best.

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