Gqimm Shelele: Robert Marawa’s Memoir Released

Rober Marawa is a South African media personality and one of the most visible on the beat. He has just released his memoir entitled Gqimm Shelele.

It is not a surprise drop, though, as he’d long informed the public that the project was in the works and even given a period when they might expect it. The wait is over, and now fans can check out his story, as told to Mandy Wiener.

The journalist herself confirmed it while noting she had been working on the project with Mr Marawa.

Since the announcement that the book has been released, it has been raining congratulations on the author for a job done on schedule. Fellow radio personality Mo Flava is among those who have shared their congratulations with Marawa so far.

Being a key figure in South Africa’s media space, Robert Marawa’s story is expected to be of particular interest to those looking to break into the media universe and succeed in their adventures there.

If you asked us, we would happily tell you to grab a copy. Robert Marawa, who had once dated the dainty actress Pearl Thusi, has lived a life worth freezing on the pages of a book.

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