“Gucci Snakes” – Da L.E.S Reportedly Details AKA’s Dick-trayal In Song

Da L.E.S’s song “Gucci Snakes” is currently trending on Mzansi Twitter – and that’s because the songster actually embedded a true message of betrayal in the song but many didn’t see it at the time of release.

Things became less clouded when a member of Nelli Tembe’s family released a letter to Mac G of the Podcast and Chill, indicating that AKA drove his late girlfriend Nelli Tembe to the edge by sleeping with Da L.E.S’s girlfriend and baby mama Aurea Alexander and then paying her to be silent.

AKA and Da L.E.S were firm friends until Nelli Tembe discovered AKA had been having bed session with Aurea, and he informed Da L.E.S. who, unable to bear the betrayal, elected to memorialize it in song.

Part of the lyrics of the song reads: “Nigg*s would try to buy your soul just to take your place. Try to f*ck your baby mama to see how it tastes. Hand shakes associates a turn to Gucci snakes.”

AKA and Da L.E.S. were said to have parted ways after the revelation of him cheating with Aurea.

What do you think of Da L.E.S.’s “Gucci Snakes” tune? If you haven’t listened to the song previously, you may want to check it out below and join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section.

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