Gunned Down: Zakes Bantwini Recalls How His Dad Died On Father’s Day, Mzansi Shows Support

Death is not something anyone can escape. It is inevitable, but how one dies makes all the difference. Of course, no one would love to die violently, but sometimes life happens and people exit the world in painful ways.

One such person is the father of the South African musician Zakes Bantwini. His father died years ago in gruesome circumstances, and the memory of it all lies forever in his head.

When Father’s Day came days ago, it came with it memories of his late father. So he posted about him on his verified Instagram page. He called the incident in which his father was killed, noting that he was shot dead right in from of other family members.

His post bears a video of the burial ceremony for his late father. Not many were aware of the way his father died until he posted about it. And the support from the public has been pretty massive. Both celebs and ordinary folks alike were in the comment section to sympathise with him. You can check out the post below.

Wherever Papa Bantwini is right now – assuming the dead could see the living – he would certainly be pleased with the height his son has attained.

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