H.E.R Will Perform In South Africa This December

Multiple Grammy Awards-winning R&B superstar H.E.R will perform in South Africa this December.

Ladies and gentlemen, H.E.R… Fans are excited to hear the R&B star is coming to SA this December. Now, that’s another thing to look forward to. According to reports, the singer will headline a newly launched lifestyle festival scheduled to happen in December this year.

Last week, the Glen21 Entertainment team announced their latest project, the Hey Neighbour Festival. Recall that the team calls themselves the “SA’s leading event maestros.” They have organized concerts and tours featuring top artists and DJs, including Boyz II Men, Kabza De Small, Inkabi Zezwe, and more.

About the forthcoming festival, they said, “It’s a global gathering, a vibrant celebration of music, culture, and most importantly, community. It’s where the unfamiliar face in the crowd becomes the friend you dance with. It’s where diversity isn’t just welcomed, it’s celebrated. It’s where music, the universal connector, weaves a tapestry of shared experiences, creating memories that last a lifetime.”

More performers will be announced later.

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