Hang Awt Cook-Out Storm Latest: Shimza Reportedly Under Investigation

South African disc jockey and producer might be the subject of an ongoing investigation by the Public Service Commission (PSC) over the controversial cook-out event handled by his restaurant in Tembisa.

Months ago, the department of tourism had contracted to cook for it. The cook-out event trended on social media and Shimza was dragged online, with many social media users wondering why there was no announcement of a tender and proper bidding for the contract.

As far as some social media users were concerned, the whole event reeks of political connection, favoritism, and corruption.

In the heat of the accusations back then, had reportedly stated that the department called him to find out how much the cook-out event would cost. He also noted that he got the contract with no mention of an application.

Apparently, some people who were miffed by the whole process had alerted the Public Services Commission, and now the celebrated DJ of the “Dark Caves” fame is said to be under investigation for corruption.

The songster has not addressed the alleged claims that he’s being investigated by the PSC. The story is still developing. So you might want to follow us and stay tuned for updates.

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