Upcoming EP Release: Hanna’s “Guilt Free”

Introduction to "Guilt Free"

The rap scene is set to welcome a new entrant into its diverse spectrum with Hanna’s upcoming EP, “Guilt Free,” slated for release on May 17, 2024. This release is highly anticipated among rap enthusiasts and marks an explicit chapter in Hanna’s burgeoning career.

Track Details and Collaborations

“Guilt Free” features five tracks, including the already popular single, also titled “Guilt Free.” Notable collaborations include a song with Nappy Katt in the track “Props,” adding a vibrant layer to the EP. The remaining tracks—”Pride,” “Metropolis,” and “All I Need”—remain unrevealed, stirring a buzz of curiosity around their content and potential guest appearances.

Musical Style and Expectations

Hanna’s EP promises to deliver an explicit and raw edge, catering to an audience that appreciates unfiltered lyrical content. The anticipation builds on the success of the title track, “Guilt Free,” suggesting that the full EP might explore themes of self-expression and unapologetic authenticity. Given the rap genre’s evolution and recent trends highlighted in the latest releases and artist collaborations, Hanna’s approach could resonate well with current musical narratives​​.

Closing Thoughts

As the release date approaches, the industry and fans alike are keen to see how “Guilt Free” will stand against other notable releases this year. The success of this EP could significantly shape Hanna’s career trajectory, potentially placing her among notable new entrants in the rap genre. The blend of explicit content and engaging collaborations is poised to capture the attention of a diverse audience, making “Guilt Free” a significant release in 2024’s music calendar.

Guilt Free – EP

Artist: Hanna
Genre: Rap
Release Date: May 17, 2024
Track Count: 5
Explicitness: explicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Hanna


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 Props (feat. Nappy Katt) Hanna 2:41 Unreleased
2 Guilt Free Hanna 2:25 Released
3 Pride Hanna 2:38 Unreleased
4 Metropolis Hanna 2:47 Unreleased
5 All I Need Hanna 2:34 Unreleased

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