Hard Times For Ambitiouz Entertainment? Record Label Reportedly Shutting Down

Has South African record label Ambitiouz Entertainment shut down? That is the rumour currently circulating around the Rainbow Nation, with sources claiming the controversial record label is facing serious financial woes.

A report by Zimoja claimed that the record label is going through hard times and many of the artists signed to it have since left

Ambitiouz Entertainment has a long and tangled history with most of the artists signed to it at some point. Emtee, Saudi, Amandi Black and a couple of other musicians were previously signed to it, and the listed all left the record label in waves of acrimony.

In the case of Emtee, he was so exasperated with his continued stay at the record label that he began the hashtag #FreeEmtee to terminate his contract with the record label. The contract was eventually terminated and he left to found a record label named for him.

For his part, Saudi released an album dubbed – wait for it – “Fuck Ambitouz” to illuminate his displeasure with the record label. Surely, Saudi and the others would have no qualms seeing the record label off the music universe. This brings the question about how ongoing litigation could potentially be resolved, especially in the case of Amanda Back, who claims the record label owns her thousands of dollars

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