Harry Styles Premieres “As It Was” Song & Video

English singer Harry Styles tells his life “As It Was” in a new song and music video, which you can stream here on UbeToo.

Not everyone is cool with revealing the vulnerable parts of themselves. But Harry Styles does that effortlessly in his latest bop. The result is a number that’s at once engaging and easy to relate to.

“As It Was” is an ode to a life lived – and to life that might yet be lived. Isn’t life a circle, after all?

The recently released song was intensely anticipated before it dropped. Looking back, one may well say that the wait for the song and the accompanying music video has not been a waste.

In a sense, though, the number is unlike Styles. While he’s released several numbers out there, it’s the first time he’d release a love song for fans to hold to while he rounds off an entire project.

“As It Was” is actually part of his upcoming third studio album, “Harry’s House,” which is expected on May 20.

To his credit, he’s released a song of fierce musical energy that will provoke a fever of anticipation among his fans.

Until then, the story is “As It Was.”

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