Has DNA Tests Freed Sjava From Jovi Woman’s Claim She Fathered his Son?

Will Sjava ever be free from allegations of cheating? Interesting times are unfolding before the trapper, apparently. If you recall, Sjava’s relationships have often experienced turbulence, alleged because of his cheating ways.

He was said to have cheated on his wife with Lady Zamar. According to Ms. Zamar, Sjava never told her he was married while they were together. She only got to know after they broke up.

It appeared Sjava got involved with another lady thereafter. The lady, a Jozi named Mandisa Mtubu, got pregnant and gave birth. She attributed the paternity to Sjava. Apparently, the songster didn’t dispute her claims.

After a year, however, he stopped sending her child support, according to her. Angry at his discontinuation of child support, she had gone to town with the news that she had a son with the singer, who is alleged to be planning a departure from Ambitiouz Entertainment.

It appears Sjava is in a good place this time around. DNA tests have revealed he is not the father of Mandisa Mtubu’s son, after all. But the lady in question has denounced the tests, dissociating herself from whoredom and insisting Sjava is the father.

Describing himself as under attack, Sjava said he is leaving the whole issue to his lawyers.

What do you think?

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