Has Enhle Mbali Dismissed Black Coffee As Bitter?

In the past, they were a little discrete about their tiff. Now, apparently, Enhle and her ex-husband are shading each other publicly.

The two celebrities, who are currently in court tying the knots of their divorce, have thrown subtle shades at each other for the past few days.

Taking to a few days ago, Enhle had made it clear that contrary to expectations, of the past three years of her life (referencing the period of the difficulties in her relationship with Black Coffee), 2020 was her best year ever. According to her, she had taken permission from herself to heal.

In reply to her post, had asked her to seek help. His reply elicited mixed reactions, with some respondents saying he meant exactly the opposite.

Thereafter, Enhle posted a meme of a man in soiled pants. The caption to the meme addressed “bitter people” and let them know she has healed already, while asking that they look behind them.

Let’s laugh some more. Dear bitter people we have healed look behind you and seek help… Good night.

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