Has Kid Tini Got Serious Dirt On Mabala Noise?

artiste and “Woo Style” star has said he has serious dirt on , another South African record label and major rival to Ambitiouz. The dirt can bring down the record label, according to him.

This follows the Twitter spat between both record labels. The quarrel between both labels isn’t new actually. In fact, keen watchers of South African music would tell you it has been there for years. However, it appears to have gained resonance recently, with artistes from both labels joining the fray

appears the loudest at this point. He has taken ’s war as his own, and has been lobbing grenades at rivals . He urged whoever is handling social media accounts to tread carefully or else.

You can check out screenshots of his rant below. By the way, while some Twitter denizens think actually has something on , others think the songster is merely blowing hot air for attention.

Do you think has got serious dirt on , or he is merely making noise like ? You are welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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