HBO’s The Princess Documentary Illuminates The Life Of Princess Diana

Documentaries are much loved because to give new glimpses into historical characters. And when a personality is particularly popular, you can expect the interest in the documentary to be pretty high. That’s exactly the case with the HBO documentary The Princess, which brings the life of late Princess Diana to viewers.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was one of history’s most loved and memorable persons. She married Prince Charles in a ceremony watched by over a billion people worldwide. The relationship had developed fissures soon after, and then the couple parted ways.

Diana had found love again in the arms of the Egyptian filmmaker Dodi. The couple died in “mysterious” circumstances in 1997 in France. Her memories are ever-fresh, though.

HBO has given new life to her memory with The Princess documentary. Not surprisingly, those who have watched it have been sharing their thoughts on social media.

One fan of the flick noted the royal family chewed Diana and spat her out and are trying the same thing with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

One tweep faulted Prince William for describing his mother, Princess Diana, as paranoid, noting his take on her was unpardonable. The Firm has not issued a statement on that, however.

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