He Had A Cheese Burger In His Back Pocket, Shane Eagle And Stogie T Reveals How They Met Each Other

Shane Eagle replies Stogie T on comments made about when he first met the rapper.

Rapper Stogie T caused a bit on tension on the Twitter platform when he made comments about how Shane Eagle was when he met him. He said the rapper was shirtless and blowing kisses at AKA but continued that he thought he was cute but had the whole R&B thing going for him.

Shane Eagle took to the platform to reply Stogie T’s tweet saying he didn’t understand what the old dude was saying but when he met Stogie T, he had a cheeseburger at the back of his pocket with a cigar on his hand. Shane also tried linking up on a collaboration with Stogie T in his reply.

See the post below;

Eagle | @Shane_Eagle Apr 27

i don’t understand old dude language but me and you need to lock in and make something classic OG .when I first met tumi he had a cheese burger in his back pocket and a cigar in da otherr nah haha

STOGIE T | @TumiMolekaneApr 25

#WhenIFirstMet @Shane_Eagle he didn’t have a shirt on and he was blowing kisses to AKA. Hehe, nah I thought he was cool but just too much with the rnb moves, kinda like 112 thug look but hella rnb. He came the fuck up.

In other news Shane Eagles and AKA realizes they are good together, as they finally put their differences aside and are set to release a song together.

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